Thursday, April 05, 2007

Supids - Kansas State School Board

I am officially declaring Kansas to be the home state of supids. Now, nobody get all upset. I'm not saying everyone in Kansas is a supid. After all, Superman came from Kansas so they can't all be supids there. What I am saying is that Kansas has the highest concentration of supidity in the world.

Okay, that was an exaggeration. Hollywood has the highest concentration of supids in the world, but Kansas comes in a close second.

Why is am I calling the majority of Kansas supid, well it has to do with the actions of the Kansas State School Board. Do you remember that part in the bible where it says that God created man and then turned to Adam and said that cute cartoon monsters are evil and the work of the devil. You don't? Me neither. I guess we got the edited version because the state school board has banned Pokemon from all the Kansas' schools.

You know Pokemon right?

Japanese Cartoon..

Video Games...

Card Game...

No big deal right? Just a harmless kids franchise. In Kansas they know better.

The supids there noticed that those cute little monsters are evolving. In the franchise evolving is how they get new powers and abilities. Of course by doing so they are promoting evolution which is wrong and is corrupting the minds of children. Yes, cartoons pets that turn into other pets is very evil indeed.

You know what comes with ridiculous laws based on ignorance right?


The churches of Kansas were nice enough to help encourage the enforcement of the new law by having "Pokemon Burnings" where they burned the games. Great idea right!!! Because burning the games doesn't have any symbolic characteristics similar to burning books in Germany during Nazi rule. Nope. None at all.

These people are really dedicated to helping to create another generation of supids. That is why I am giving the Kansas State School Board and the churches of Kansas the official badge of 'Dedicated Individuals Contributing to Kansas Supidity' or "D.I.C.K.S." for short. Unfortunately I am all out of these badges because I gave them to all the people of the Westboro Baptist Church who do a great job of having protests at soldiers' funerals. But I am expecting a new shipment soon so I will be sure to send them to you fine supid people when I do.


Anonymous said...

hey AB you are a dick.Pokemon is satanic and apperantly you too.Dont call any church stupid you stupid ass bitch bescotch dickhead

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Okay, to everyone who just posted, I have to say, you must be the most close-minded idiots I have seen today. For one thing, pokemon is NOT satanic. How do I know? I've studied pretty much every aspect of pokemon for the past few years, and never have I found anything that refers to satanic teachings, outside of Kadabra's albeit unusual body form. It's a cartoon, it reflects a part of society. But seriously, pokemon has nothing to do with satan, or the occult, or anything. You know what the real problem is that Christians have with pokemon? It doesn't say that GOD created everything. And of course, anything that isn't all about GOD must be WRONG. Oh, come on! That is just plain nonsense. And the same goes for those close-minded Kansas school board members. Like it or not, evolution is quite preferrable to that nonsensial creationist drivel they want taught in the schools. All you hyped-up nitwits who are shooting your mouths off and swaring at this article, you guys should take a minute to think about what you are trying to say. Because, frankly, you are the real 'supid' ones here. I rest my case.