Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Newsie News 4/18

Man Has Arm Bitten Off By Crocodile... Then Gets It Reattached
I think the pictures speak for themselves. Look at all that severed arm goodness.

Via [My Extra Life]

Jack Thompson Blames Videogames for Virginia Tech Shooting
You know what is really sad. The guy is now calling himself an "expert on school shootings." What a complete jerk. Yes, blame videogames for violence because there is absolutely no violence on tv, in the movies, on the news, and definitely not in our history. I would say something really mean right now but I know if I did this page would be sanctioned with foul language and an overuse of the word "anal penetration."
[Video of Thompson's Interview about Virgina Tech]

Site Recreates Popular Video Game Swords
Yes I put this after the Jack Thompson article on purpose. Check out these cool swords from Final Fantasy, Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, and more. And if you really love me you will buy me one. ;-)
Via [The Last Boss]

Dead Like Me Movie?
Normally I don't do 'themes' with my Newsie News but this one seems to be all about death, violence, and guys who should be dead (yes, I said it). So, in interesting news there is a possible Dead Like Me movie coming out. The show has become quite popular in syndication after the show was long cancelled (hmm.. reminds me of another show that got canceled and turned into a movie). I say... "Go For It." This could start making studios realized that just because they don't think a show is great doesn't mean it isn't. Give them more chances. Give them a chance to live... so to speak.
Via [Film Junk]

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