Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Most Inspirational Movie Moments

Technically I should title this "My Favorite Inspirational Movie Moments" but I will argue against anyone that these are the best, most inspirational moments in movie history. Therefore, I decided to go with the above title.

If you disagree or agree, feel free to express yourself in the comments section.

President Whitmore's Speech - Independence Day
I know I'm not the only person to memorize this speech.

Training Montage - Rocky
This is scene that plays in the back of most people's heads when they are working out or running up stairs.

Neo Decides to Fight Smith - The Matrix
The first Neo/Smith fight scene. Back when we actually weren't bored watching them fight.

Batman Flies Towards Battle - Batman:Begins
Batman takes flight, dramatic music starts up, and we see him land like a badass prepared for battle.

William Wallace's Speech to his Countrymen - Braveheart
After this speech, I felt like killing Englishman too... but then I'm not a heathen.

Col. Chamberlain's Speech - Gettysburg
What? That guy from Dumb and Dumber can act? Yes, and he does a fine job of it here.
Note: Ignore the first 30 seconds and watch after the speech for my favorite scence from the movie

The Northmen Prayer Before Battle - The 13th Warrior
Before 300, 13 men fought an army of cannibals, and lived. Go figure.
Note: Another case where you will have to jump ahead. Go to 3:25.

Aim To Misbehave Speech - Serenity
Unfortunetly I was unable to locate a video of the scene. It seems like every video of Serenity or Firefly on youtube is a music video made from random clips and cheesy songs.
So, here is the space battle from the movie instead.

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