Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Greatest Movie Montages

Cotton and Sand made a great collection of training montages that make you just want to do something crazy... like not sit on your ass!!! You can check out all the videos they posted on their site but I decided to post my favorites from their collection and a few of my own.

Blood Sport:
USA.. A OKAY!!!!

Karate Kid:
Mr. Miyagi will always be the coolest karate master and Daniel-san will always be his star pupil... stupid "The Next Karate Kid"...errrrr.

Team America:
A montage that makes fun of montages is just something you can't live without.

Cotton and Sand posted Rocky IV, but I think the greatest Rocky montage will always be the first movie. I even posted this video in my Most Inspirational Movie Moments post because who doesn't get hyped by "Gonna fly now"?

The Lord of The Rings - The Return of the King:
The lighting of the beacons is one of those great movie moments that has you saying "oh yeah, some shit is going to go down now!!"

Yes, a Disney movie, but it's the best cartoon montage I've ever seen. The song is inspirational, the scenes get you hyped, and of course at the end everyone is suddenly really good.

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