Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hell's Kitchen - Season 3 Premier

I like to cook. It's fun, it's a chance to create something useful, and if you are good at if you get pretty creative in the kitchen. One thing I know for sure though is that I would never cut it in Chef Gordan Ramsay's kitchen. The guy is a controlling, foul-mouthed man with a short temper... which makes for great television.

I got into this show last season about 3 or 4 episodes in. The first time I saw Chef Ramsey yell at his "apprentice" chefs I fell in love with the show immediately. I don't know why, but I enjoy seeing other people get yelled out. I guess it's just my sadistic side.

Well, this episode started with a nice simple start. The new contestants walk in smiling and joyful to be in a such a beautiful restaurant. Suddenly Ramsey appears on a balcony and tells them to stop gawking and get in the kitchen and start cooking. They are suppose to make their "signature dishes," but it's just another opportunity for Ramsey to yell at them for being terrible chefs. One woman is even on the verge of fainting out of fear of the man.

Again the groups are divided into male (blue) and female (red) which results in the usual. The guys actually try to work as a team well the girls do nothing but bitch. At the end of the episode Ramsay gave Melissa, the current female team leader, was given the job by of choosing two women for elimination. As always in reality shows, she promises to not nominate the two worst red group members who she immediately nominates once in front of Ramsey. I personally would have liked both of them to go. They were both terrible. One was the bitchiest of the women and loved to tell everyone else how to do things her way. The other woman spend 2 hours messing up on cooking eggs. EGGS!!! The first thing most people learn to cook.

Well, Ramsay eliminates the egg lady which means we can expect some good drama from the bitchy lady. I can't wait for next week because of that drama and because of the asian/cowboy/pansy. The man just cries at the drop of a hat (probably because it reminds him of the sad ending of Brokeback Mountain... yes, I said that... sue me... on second thought don't sue me, just suck it up and deal with it). This man is obviously on the verge of a breakdown near the end of the episode. This man will either snap or end up in a fetal position in some corner before this season. As hinted by the teasers at the start of the first episode the man will probably snap which if he does will make for good television.

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